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Join Bitton Road Runners Smartgroup !

Bitton Road Runners now has it’s own Smartgroup.  Join the group now by visiting www.smartgroups.com. 

 Do a search on ‘running’ and see us listed there. 

Just follow the instructions and join the forum.  Once registered, you will be included in any Bitton Road Runners Smartgroup emails from fellow members. 

For those of you not familiar with Smartgroups, here are the benefits for us …

·        Smartgroup is a free internet service designed for clubs, societies, or any group of friends or colleagues.

·        You can chat with your Group of members with just one email.

·        It allows you to coordinate and organise Group events using the calendar facility – i.e. those weekend runs!

·        You can share files, information and general chit-chat with like-minded people.

·        You can place your own adverts or notices on the site.

·        There are various levels of receiving Smartgroup emails.  For example, if you do not wish them to be sent directly to your inbox, you can choose to retrieve them from the Smartgroup website at a time convenient to you.

·        Bittonrr@smartgroups.com is set up as a ‘public’ group.  This allows users of the Smartgroup website to search for running clubs and join our Smartgroup should they wish to do so.  This will encourage an interest in the club.*

 So log on to Smartgroups.com and register with BittonRR@smartgroups.com

It’s easy, it’s free, and it’s a great idea!!!

 For more information contact Jackie Zajac    

 * Please remember that this is a Public site and, whilst it is not likely to attract many non-club members, it should not be used if you wish to keep your emails personal or private or if you only want to send your message to selected individual